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For the next several months, I'll be in development mode. What does that mean?It means I won't be doing too many live shows (only when a stray opportunity pops up). Instead, I'll be focusing on writing, recording and editing.

I'm excited to co-write with a bundle of new songwriters I've recently met. I plan to collaborate with some familiar faces, too. This year's Song-a-day January went great! But expect more original songs outside of that month.

I still have several bits of footage from previous shows that I need to edit and post. And I haven't even touched all the footage I recorded of the co-writing I did in January of 2018-- I'm going to give you a full behind-the-scenes look at the collaborative process.

So even though my live performances will be fewer and further between, it may actually result in more content here and on my social media. Be on the look out! And thanks for joining me on my creative journey...

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