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There's light at the end of the COVID tunnel as vaccines are quickly rolling out. But I plan to be cautious and keep to online activities until community transmission has dropped to near zero. That being said, I have some exciting news!

Fresh on the heels of being a finalist in the 2020 Songs for Social Change Songwriting Competition, my song "The Volunteer" was featured on the April 3rd edition of The Midnight Special on WFMT Chicago. They do playbacks online throughout the week, so listen for my tune about halfway through the first hour of the show.  

The Raw Songwriting Podcast has been hiatus the last couple weeks since my birthday episode, but I have some great guests scheduled in the coming weeks, including Theresa Peterson, Shanna in a Dress, David Burchfield and more! You can catch all the episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Red Circle

Dave Coile's Musical Extravaganza on Facebook has been busy. I hosted a wonderful March Songwriters Showcase with Nichole Wagner and Valerie Bhat. On April 14th, I'll be hosting the John Lennon Songwriting Contest winning Finn O'Sullivan, and Terri Sunflower, fresh off her performance as part of WomenFest at NM Tech. 

I've also been posting performance videos of some of the challenge songs from my podcast (which you can also find in a playlist on my Youtube page). You can find the audio versions that were played during the podcast in this Soundcloud playlist

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