"David Coile writes and sings energetic, wide-ranging tunes that transcend any one genre. In addition to his fine guitar, his vocal range is extraordinary in its power, expressive versatility and gorgeous tone. When I listen to his music, I think, 'That should be out there; people should know this song.'"
Emily Miller Bond, Film Composer

Genre: Rock, Folk and Soul

Primary Instrumentation: Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

Accompaniment (Optional): Stand-up Bass, Charango, Electric Guitar, Cajon, Piano

Topics: Love, Communication, Growing Up, Saying Goodbye, Holidays

Influences: Richard Thompson, Tom Waits, Nick Drake, The Kinks, Sam Cooke
Short Description: Original songs that are bittersweet, sardonic and silly, sung with booming voice and acoustic finger-style guitar.
Awards & Recognition:
December 2018 Featured Artist for Sound Bridge Music

"David Coile picks music up and shakes it, causing all sorts of things to come out of you that you wouldn't expect. But more important than that, his songs have a joy to them that's far too often lacking in modern music or, for that matter, the modern world. Even when his music is sad or angry (and many of his tunes are), it's still a celebration. And that's what music should be." Matthew McLean, Writer

"David Coile is a powerful vocalist, a fearless and professional entertainer, and one of the most prolific songwriter's we've had the pleasure of working with. We're keeping an eye on this artist... and looking forward to his next endeavor!"
Rod Coleman, Groovebirds Music